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Our Team — Our Strength

Who we are


Pixelgen Team

We are:

...led by passionate and experienced life science innovators and entrepreneurs.

...a multi-disciplinary team with endless curiosity.

..."connecting the dots" to understand how proteins are organized in relation to each other.

...delivering unprecedented insights into science for new discoveries that will help prevent and treat disease.

We have:

...developed the first DNA-based visualization technology for cell-surface spatial proteomics.

Coding together

We are just beginning!


Simom Fredriksson image CEO

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Simon Fredriksson

Alvaro Martinez Barrio image CDAO

Chief Data Analytics Officer, Co-founder

Álvaro Martínez Barrio

Filip Karlsson image CTO

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Filip Karlsson

Erik Pettersson image CBDO

Chief Business Development Officer

Erik Pettersson

Annika Branting image SnM

Chief Commercial Officer

Annika Branting

Board of Directors

Fredrik Dahl image BoD


Fredrik Dahl

Simom Fredriksson image BoD

Board Member

Simon Fredriksson

Björn Algkvist image BoD

Board Member

Björn Algkvist

Alex Basu image BoD

Board Member

Alex Basu

Alvaro Martinez Barrio BoD

Board Member

Álvaro Martínez Barrio

Brad Crutchfield BoD

Board Member

Brad Crutchfield

Scientific Advisory Board

Emma Lundberg image SAB

Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford University, Professor at KTH

Emma Lundberg

Petter Brodin image SAB

Professor Imperial College London, Professor Karolinska Institutet

Petter Brodin

Tarjei Mikkelsen image SAB

Chief Technology Officer, Arsenal Bio

Tarjei Mikkelsen

Investors &

Fibonacci Growth Capital

Fibonacci Growth Capital

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