This podcast was recorded as part of Talking Techniques Series of BioTechniques.

The cell-surface proteome plays a critical role in immune-cell function; however, our ability to examine its interactions and spatial organization has previously been limited by available proteomic techniques. This episode explores the function of immune-cell membrane proteins and how the latest developments in spatial proteomics have enabled more detailed interrogation of these proteins and their spatial relationships.

Hanna van Ooijen, Immunology Application Scientist at Pixelgen Technologies guides us through the field, revealing a new technique that enables spatial analysis of the cell-surface proteome at a single-cell resolution and highlighting some exciting discoveries that it has facilitated.


  • Introductions: 00:00-01:40
  • Introducing Molecular Pixelation: 01:40-02:15
  • Example applications of Molecular Pixelation: 02:15-03:20
  • The role of membrane proteins in immune cell function: 03:20-07:25
  • Traditional techniques to investigate cell membrane proteins: 07:15-10:20
  • Recent improvements in investigative technology and our understanding of immunology: 10:20-11:10
  • Challenges associated with current technologies: 11:10-13:50
  • How Molecular Pixelation can address these challenges: 13:50-15:25
  • Molecular Pixelation workflow: 15:25-17:55
  • Tips for best practice when using molecular pixelation: 17:55-19:30
  • Exciting discoveries using Molecular pixelations: 19:30-21:00
  • Potential implications of molecular pixelation for the future of immunology: 21:00-24:00

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