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Pixelation -
Single Cell Proteomics
in 3D

Cellular systems are functionally defined by the amount of, and spatial location of proteins, forming an elaborate and highly orchestrated network.

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Pixelgen technology

Studying multiplexed protein localization at epidemiological scale and nanometer resolution will reveal new types of co-localization-based biomarkers. While significant cell mapping efforts have focused on the gene expression characteristics of single cells, understanding dynamic cell regulation through spatial reorganization of proteins remains largely uncharted.

Molecular Pixelation produces such data by providing detailed three-dimensional spatial mapping of cell surface proteins.

Our revolutionary Molecular Pixelation technology delivers next- dimension, single-cell, spatial proteomics to advance human health from basic research to drug discovery and development and diagnostics. Molecular Pixelation offers deep cellular phenotyping by revealing polarization and co-localization of proteins at high multiplex. Pixelation is enabled by cell-surface zonation using DNA barcoding, and data is then presented in a three-dimensional spatial map.