Pixelgen Immunology Panel Grant Application

Have you ever wondered about the spatial arrangement of the cell-surface proteins in your immune cells of interest?

We invite researchers to apply for a grant to run up to eight human immune cell samples with Pixelgen’s comprehensive Single Cell Spatial Proteomics immunology panel to elucidate the three-dimensional spatial orchestration of surface proteins.

Terms and Conditions

The winner must be able to:

  • Run the full project in a six-month period
  • Submit findings for publication in high-impact journal
  • Send immune cells in suspension to Pixelgen’s laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden for processing and analysis

The grant submissions are confidential to the applicant and Pixelgen, and will not be distributed or published. The winner must be willing to present findings in a Pixelgen-hosted webinar, seminar, blog or similar forum to be mutually agreed upon in good faith by the winner and Pixelgen.


Applicants must reside and work in Europe, Asia/Pacific or North America and be enrolled at an academic institution or employed at a commercial research entity to be eligible to win the grant. The grant winner must be 18 or older.


No purchase is necessary to apply for the grant, and Pixelgen Technologies AB is the sponsor of the entire grant program. Pixelgen may process the applicants’ personal data per our privacy policy. The grant winner cannot choose to receive cash instead of having samples run at Pixelgen, and the grant is non-transferable. Pixelgen reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify the grant program, if for some reason the program cannot operate as planned.

The grant application period closes on October 1st, 2023 at 23:59 Central European Time.


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