Pixelgen Technologies and Australian Biosearch Announce Distribution Agreement

Deal brings Molecular Pixelation kits to region to meet growing customer demand for spatial analysis of proteins in single cells

STOCKHOLM and WANGARA, Australia, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pixelgen Technologies® announced today a non-exclusive agreement with leading distributor Australian Biosearch. The partnership will bring Pixelgen’s Molecular Pixelation (MPX) kits for high-multiplex spatial analysis of membrane proteins to the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

“Australia Biosearch is well regarded for its commitment to bringing the most innovative tools for scientific research to industry and academia, and we look forward to a successful collaboration,” said Pixelgen Chief Commercial Officer Annika Branting. “The Australasian biotech market is rapidly growing, and this agreement will help ensure our products reach this important region as we expand globally.”

The Pixelgen Single Cell Spatial Proteomics Kit, Immunology Panel I, Human (Pixelgen SCSP Kit), launched last year, is the first product to convey spatial polarization and co-localization of proteins on the cell surface at high-multiplex, in 3D, to offer new biological insights into health and disease. The kit is based on Pixelgen’s proprietary MPX technology, an advanced barcode-based method for high-multiplex spatial analysis of membrane proteins. MPX generates high-resolution information for thousands of single cells in solution for applications in immunology, hematology, immunotherapy, drug development, and translational research.

“As a leading distributor to life sciences companies in Australia and New Zealand, we strive to offer the most innovative technologies to help industry and academic scientists advance their basic research and discovery of new therapeutics,” added Mark Adams, Director at Australian Biosearch. “We’re looking forward to working with Pixelgen to make its products easily accessible to the market and providing the technical support required for our customers’ success.”

Ankur Sharma, laboratory head at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Perth, Australia, and an early adopter of the Pixelgen Single Cell Spatial Proteomics Kit added, “Our knowledge of the origins of cancer, how tumors grow within their microenvironments and how they respond to therapeutics is rapidly advancing. New technologies such as MPX are critical to building on this knowledge and translating discoveries into therapeutics and diagnostics for disease. The ability to see how proteins interact and the spatial dynamics of the proteome on the surface of single cells could lead to important insights.”

The new agreement builds on Pixelgen’s global distribution and sales expansion. Earlier this month, Pixelgen announced a distribution agreement for Japan and launched a sales team in the U.S. with a new global sales position in Boston.

About Pixelgen Technologies

Pixelgen Technologies AB was founded in 2020 by a team of passionate, experienced innovators and entrepreneurs with a vision to bring a new spatial understanding to biology by mapping cell surface proteins and their spatial inter-relationships. The company has developed Molecular Pixelation, a DNA-based visualization technology for analyzing cell surface proteins, to gain novel insights into cellular activity that will advance better medicines and diagnostics. Pixelgen is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Australian Biosearch

Australian Biosearch is a life sciences company that supplies, supports, and services leading agencies to today’s research, life science, teaching, clinical & diagnostic laboratories. These products include consumables, biological and chemical reagents and kits. The company is based in Western Australia, with selected products marketed throughout Australia and New Zealand.



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